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When Bananas Go Bad

A small chuckle for you today!

(c)color bananas re2

“When Bananas Go Bad” color

(Click for clearer view) I have to blame my Fiance for this silly thought, as we joked around about bananas going bad; then I jump right in and make it real by creating the characters! I scanned it right from my sketchbook and didn’t clean it up as I did below in the black and white.

"When Bananas Go Bad"

“When Bananas Go Bad”

I think I prefer the black and white at this point, I think my colors got too muddy in the color. What do you think?

“Garlic Breath”

"You've got garlic breath!"

“You’ve got garlic breath!”

Just a little silliness! When I was cooking dinner yesterday this funny thought came to me, so I sketched it down.

Thumbnail sketches for "Garlic Breath".

Thumbnail sketches for “Garlic Breath”.

These are some thumbnail sketches I did first; I could have made the ‘receiving’ clove of garlic do other body poses. Just my odd sense of humor, well it made me chuckle at least!

And to top it off studies of real garlic cloves.

Pen and Ink studies of garlic.

And to top it off, studies of real garlic cloves.  It was fun to end my silly cartooning with a real study, good practice.

Hope I made you smile today! 🙂