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Field Sketchbooks

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Store Bought Sketchbooks:

Watercolor Sketchpads

These are a few heavy papered sketchpads that I recommend for use in the field, all but the brown one are actually watercolor pads. I don’t prefer them because the paper is rough, as usual for typical store bought pads. The brown one is by “Raffine” and my favorite! I’ve bought lots of these and the paper has just enough tooth, it’s heavy (100lb) and not too large at 5.5″ x 8.5″. It’s a good all-round paper, takes watercolor and other wet media; you can paint on both sides of the paper too and it’s ok.

Hand-made Field Sketchbooks:

Variety of my hand-made sketchbooks

Since I’ve started making my own field sketchbooks, I haven’t touched my wire bound sketchpad. I just love the feel of them, they lay open flat and no spirals down the center of the page if you want to do a larger study. I can pick exactly what paper I want to put in them too, most the time I mix the variety to have a choice.

Blue sketchbook with Celtic Design

Here’s one that looks so much nicer! I used mat board (mount board) and cut it to size. Don’t worry I’m working on directions for all these!