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Fantasy-nature related

(Return to: Gallery ) Please click on images to view full painting with information. Please visit my Gift Shop on Zazzle to find note cards, t-shirts and other neat gifts with my Fantasy paintings on them.

“Old Man Tree Spirit”

"Mystic Woods"

“Mystic Woods”

"Two Blackbirds"

“Two Blackbirds”

"Moonlight Sentinals"

“Moonlight Sentinals”

"Raven Night Sky"

“Raven Night Sky”

"Secret Woods"

“Secret Woods” (m)

"Star Horse"

“Star Horse”

"Raven Sphere"

“Raven Sphere”

"Fairy Hawk"

“Fairy Hawk”

"Lady of the Woods"

“Lady of the Woods”

"Fairy Hill"

“Fairy Hill” (m)

"Scaredy Cat"

“Scaredy Cat”