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Oil on canvas   18 x 24″   Custom framed

This painting, done in 2003, has a gorgeous custom Italian frame done by the “Prints Charming” framers in Toronto, Canada.

There are limited edition prints available and 8 x 10 open edition prints, also note cards.

Etain is a Celtic Goddess, and there are several versions of the story I have read my painting is based upon the one where she is very beautiful but very spoiled.  She goes through several transformations in her life, finally teaching her a lesson and she sees the beauty around her all at once. As Etain plucks the petals from the white rose, they turn into lovely white doves, all the earth stops for the beautiful sound that fills the air.  It is a long, interesting old tale, told in many different ways.  As usual I included symbolism in my painting, yes it is a sort of self portrait too as I used myself as model.