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365 Trees Project

(Return to: Gallery / Landscapes ) I started a project to try to draw or paint a tree every single day for one year. This plan grew a little hard to keep up with but I have decided to put the trees here in the order they were completed and the date. Where there are skipped #’s may be because I didn’t think it worthy enough to post or it was a completed painting and didn’t get categorized here. I will keep sketching trees and filling in dates until eventually I’ll have a whole years worth. (even if they were done different years!) Trees are excellent to practice your drawing skills with.
I’ve added a new Category on my Blog (“365 Trees” under “Trees-sketches + paintings” ) so I can start to add posts that feature these trees with some writing about them. I’ll be adding old ones to catch up as I go.
Click on any picture to either view larger OR be taken to a blog post about it, hit the back button to return.

#1 "Trees at Freedonia.."

#4 "Trees at Aspen Hall"

#5 "Tree Group" 9/24/02

#6 "Lilac Bush" 9/24/02

#7 "Willow Toronto"

#8 10/2/02

#11 "Aspen Hall" 10/7/02

#12 "Trees+Fence"

#13 "Goat Pasture"

#14 "Foxlane" 10/10/02

#15 "Treeline" 10/10/02

#16 "Couto's Garden"

#17 "By the Pond"

#18 "Oaklane" 10/14/02

"Clarence Center Tree"

#22 "Clarence Cntr Tree"

#23 "Endicott Tree"

#24 "Arizona Tree"

#25 "Chickadee Trail"

"Ink Landscape"

"Ink Landscape" 5/2/03