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(Return to: Gallery )  The term “MINIATURE” refers to a strict guideline set by most Miniature Painting Societies all over the world. I have ‘small’ paintings throughout my galleries, but here you will find none that exceed the total measurement of 25 square inches, that would be 5×5″ or smaller. They are generally 1/6th scale from the original subject but not all here are, for official shows you must adhere to the guidelines set by the organizations.

The Miniature Paintings you see here are found throughout my Main Galleries.  Clicking on each image will take you to it’s page in it’s relative Gallery. Use your “BACK” button to return here.


"Great Grey Owl"


"English Wetlands"

"Green Hooded Woman"

"Secret Woods" (m)

"Secret Woods"

"Peregrine Falcon" oil

"..Ashy Faced Barn Owl"

"Snowy Egret"

"Fairy Hill"














"Eurasian Eagle Owl"