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“President Ronald Reagan”

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"President Ronald Reagan"

"President Ronald Reagan"

16 x 20″  Acrylic on canvas

There are 8 x 10 open edition prints, also note cards available.

I was commissioned by the Museum of European Art in Clarence NY to paint this portrait of our past president Ronald Reagan. The Director of the Museum, John Zavrel had met the president personally in his office at the white house to present him with a broze bust portrait of the president, created by German sculptor Kurt Arentz. It was at this meeting that Mr. Zavrel took candid photos of the the president and asked me to make a painting from these photos. It was difficult to say the least because the pictures were faded, unclear black and whites, and the pose looks unusual because President Reagan was putting his hand forth. As in many portraits I do, including my animal and bird painting, I painted this ‘glow’ around him unconsciously. I don’t know if it’s a sensing of energy or what, it just happens.

This painting has a gorgeous custom gold frame and if you would like to make an offer to purchase it, email me, I haven’t ever put him up for sale but would if the right email comes in>here’s the contact page to write to me: Contact Mary