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“Princess Mary (1)”

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"Princess Mary (1)"

"Princess Mary (1)"

5 x 7″   Oil on mounted canvas     $350 custom framed

There are 8 x 10 open edition prints, also note cards available.

This is a painting after Master John, done in 1544.  It’s Princess Mary I, showing her at the age of 28, when she was still a princess. I did two studies after this same painting, they are both very small and I used a magnifying glass for some details!  I did the two paintings at the same time to experiment with different approaches.

In this painting I worked wet into wet to make the design of her dress.  I also cropped in on this pose more than the second one, “Princess Mary (2)”, as seen on the next page.

Both paintings were done directly on canvas with the brush, with no preliminary drawing on the canvas!