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“Renate Stendar and the Sun of Hope”

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"Renate Stendar"

"Renate Stendar"

10.5 x 16″   Soft Pastel on paper    In the collection of the Museum of European Art

There are 8 x 10 open edition prints, also note cards available.

I did this portrait of Renate Stendar in 2001 using photos of her and her painting, “The Sun of Hope” in the background. I have never met her personally but have corresponded with her several times discussing our (art) work, though her letters were in German and I had to have them translated to me! She is a very talented woman creating sculptures, which she is better known for, and light filled spiritual paintings that I admired. It was with this in mind that I created her portrait and put her own painting of “The Sun of Hope” behind her. She was very pleased with the piece.