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Latest Sale, Mrs. Wilson’s Warbler!


"Mrs. Wilson's Warbler"

"Mrs. Wilson's Warbler"

Just had to share some good news, today I sold one of my bird paintings! I have just recently decided to release this one, I painted it in 1985 and never really wanted to part with it. I met Shirley and she told me it really caught her eye and though I’ve had people desire to buy it before, I just never felt ready to let it go. Well, it’ll have a good home I think, both her and her husband love nature and art.  I think she came to the right place then at my gallery as those are two things very important to me!

Shirley with her new painting!

Shirley with her new painting!

The painting is done with soft pastels for the background and oil pastels for the bird. I was difficult to do the details in oil pastels but I chiseled off the tip of the crayon to make small marks. A light hand and building layers of color is important. Shirley asked about how it feels to part with a painting and commented on how hard it must be. I think an artist has to decide, some of their art they can keep forever or pass down to their loved ones, but it feels good to share what others see as a treasure and beautiful. I love sharing my love of my subjects, birds, horses, trees, nature and people.

Proud owner of a new painting

Proud owner of a new painting

To see more bird paintings visit my gallery, I have four different sections in the bird gallery- birds of prey, owls, water birds and perching birds. Click here to visit. I also have interesting paintings with birds in my Fantasy Gallery and my Goddesses Gallery.

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ps. here’s a link to the the gallery page with the painting, “Mrs. Wilson’s Warbler”.

4 comments to Latest Sale, Mrs. Wilson’s Warbler!

  • camulus

    Gosh! that is a fine picture, no wonder you didn’t want to part with it Mary. Its amazing how you captured those water droplets using only soft pastel. It’s also a lot bigger than I would have thought, when you see it in the picture with Shirley. The image reminds me so much of a little bird that came for a a drink and a wash, in the bird bath of my rockery garden on a regular basis.

  • Congratulations, Mary! That’s so exciting to have sold a painting. And what a beautiful one, at that. I have never used oil pastels, but I can imagine it is very difficult to get the detail that you did. Just beautiful.

  • Hi Camulus, thanks for the compliment. I love looking at the water-droplets on the birds back, that was the part that fascinated me about doing this painting. And I am going to start putting more pictures of my paintings in their frames and perhaps next to something to show the relative size because on a webpage with just the image, you don’t get the ‘real’ perspective of size. Thanks for dropping in again, how’s the summer been over in England?

  • Hi Carol, thanks for stopping by, yes, I do love selling my work though there are some that I will never part with. I’d like to do some birds using oil paint, which is something I haven’t tried yet, I mostly use them for landscapes and my Goddess paintings. I can’t wait to do some more birds! I also have some butterflies planned in the future that should be fun.

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