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“Winter Stroll on Long Lane Farm” 1-17-10

Today I went for a walk with my dog Ginger out through the pasture to the field beyond. As it says in my notes the morning was very cloudy and misty, I think because the temperature has warmed enough that the snow is melting. Click on any picture to see larger.

Page 1-notes from my walk

Believe me it’s still cold! There was ice crunching beneath my boots but it was all water underneath; the ground is absolutely saturated with snow and water. You can see on my first page, I was playing around with the watercolors to capture that beautiful reddish color in the field. It’s actually all the tips of the bushes, together they look like a mass of this color.

Page 2-Watercolor sketch of the field

Here’s a very small sketch I did while standing in the snowy field.

Page 3-Ink sketch on the Lane

Sometimes I like to take a shape and trace it on the page to play around with, sketching inside or outside it. I had already put this square in the sketchbook and found it when I flipped the page, so I decided to do a tiny ink sketch of my view ahead. This is out by Aspen Hall, a special place on my land, all those trees ahead on the left are “Aspen Hall”. When working with permanent ink pen I sketch by making little marks of where I want things placed, you will always see little mismarks on my ink sketches because I believe in being loose and kind of scribbly. It’d be different if this was a planned drawing done while sitting at my drawing table in the studio.

2 comments to “Winter Stroll on Long Lane Farm” 1-17-10

  • Mary, I love your journal pages! I especially like how you describe the weather conditions and how the earth was saturated with water. It puts you right there to experience it. Wonderful artwork!

  • hi Chris, thanks for the comments. I always like to describe the day, it helps me remember as if I’m taking a photograph.

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