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About Me

Me at Keilder Water Birds of Prey Centre, Northumberland, England

Me at Keilder Water Birds of Prey Centre, Northumberland, England

I have worked as a full time zookeeper and raised countless animals of my own, my favorite thing is to be hiking with a sketchbook learning about nature! I have a BA in Art from Buffalo State, teaching experience grades k-12 and adults, I’ve studied at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto, Canada and have illustrated for Nature Centers, books and a cd album cover.

For three years I worked as Co-Director at the Museum of European Art in Clarence NY where I helped to introduce upcoming local and international artists to the community. While I was here I developed a friendship with Dr. Wilson Greatbatch, inventor of the implantable pacemaker, that inspired me to pursue my love of painting. He believes as I do in teaching others, especially young people, about the fascinating world around us! I painted his portrait as you can see here.

Dr. Wilson Greatbatch and I pose with the portrait I painted of him.

Dr. Wilson Greatbatch and I pose with the portrait I painted of him while I was Co-Director of the Museum of European Art.

It was after working here that I focused my attention on my own painting and getting back to my love of working with nature, my first true passion!

I enjoy traveling and studying the local nature where I visit, I spent many weeks in 2008 in England then months in 2009, taking notes and doing painting and sketches in the field.  I keep returning to further fall in love with the land and people (namely my Fiance!) of the UK, there is so much to be inspired by there! I’m working on moving there now and hope to teach my painting and sketching classes if I find the right situation. I love meeting new people, and when students take my class, I consider them my lifetime students! I love teaching nature sketching, introducing my love of exploration of nature to others. Let me know if you want to take any of my classes!

I am now exploring the fascinating world of Fiber Art through felt making. I’m experimenting with wet felting and needle felting techniques, using both to create wall hangings, hats, scarves, bags, little animal sculptures and just all manner of things! I love the colors, texture and the magic of it changing in your hands to a new fabric or form! I hope you follow my journey as I explore felt making; I’ll be posting on my blog as I go then add to the Gallery when I get it organized. 😉

Most important is I’m focusing my attention on illustrating the children’s stories and poems I’ve been writing over the years. I have so many stories to do and the poems just keep coming! Now I have to catch up with drawing and painting the characters, no easy task! What I show in the Gallery or on the blog is just the tip of the iceberg, as most I won’t show until I get them properly published…but gosh I’m dying to share them, so I’ll get busy and try to finish them!

For prints, note cards and gift items with my art or photos on them visit my Zazzle Shop.

Contact me to inquire about originals, ask questions about my art or just to introduce yourself.

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Groups / Organization I’ve belonged to over the years:

Association of Miniature Artists  ( )

Buffalo Society of Artists- Buffalo, NY, USA

Coquetdale Arts Centre- Rothbury, Northumberland England. ( )

Buffalo Ornithological Society

New York State Bluebird Society

Portrait Society of America

Kenneth Grahame Society ( You know…”The Wind in the Willows”, One of my favorite stories!