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“Pasture Lane in Early March” watercolor

 (please click to see enlarged and clearer)

"Pasture Lane in March" watercolor and ink

The land is starting to thaw at Long Lane Farm. The Robins have returned along with many other birds so I went out to look for signs of spring. It was very quiet except for occasional Chickadee’s following me or a Blue Jay calling, some Canadian Geese flying over. I made it just up the lane a little and decided to sit and do this sketch.

I carried a small camp stool over my shoulder so I sat on that and put my sketchbook on my lap along with my watercolor pan.  I used two waterbrushes and a permanent ink pen to draw it first. I found it a bit difficult to paint the grasses right in front of me, that were all matted and crisscrossed on the ground, sooo much detail! You can see I didn’t get crazy into detail, mostly just looking for the darks and lights of the scene, showing the water around the rushes and the dry color of grasses in the lane.  I didn’t fuss over it too long because my back hurt like a ‘son of a gun’! Darn back of mine, I think I may have been better to just stand like I usually do.

PS. A note to those who follow my blog, I’m so glad you keep coming back to read and see what I’m up to. I’ve not posted as much lately only because I am finally concentrating seriously on illustrating all the poems and stories I’ve written over the past years. I’ll try to share a bit as I can, but don’t want to let the cat out of the bag too soon! We’ll see what I end up with and I’ll keep you posted!

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2 comments to “Pasture Lane in Early March” watercolor

  • Felicia

    Mary, I kept meaning to write a blurb on this sketch….I LOVE it! I think this is the area shot that I sketched of your photo, but coming from the opposite direction? Maybe not, but it kind of reminded me of the same area! This is such a lovey spot and I would love to take a stroll down the lane! I almost am in this painting/sketch…you know how to bring everything to life!! Love the colors!! Thanks for the inspiration, as ALWAYS! 🙂

  • Hi Felicia, I’m so glad you like it! (LOVE it! 😉 ) I love the colors in dry grasses and love trying to figure out how to make them look right. I think it has a fresh look because I stood there and painted it right on the spot. Many times this isn’t easy but really lets you study all the subjects in front of you. And you get to hear the birds, smell the fresh air and get exercise!
    It does get confusing trying to tell where on my land I am if you’ve never been. Years ago I made a map by actually pacing and marking on paper how many paces it was between things. I came up with a pretty accurate map and it was fun!

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