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Snowdrops in the Churchyard

It’s been a long time since I used my watercolor pencils, so I thought I’d bring them out with me on this day (in March). The snowdrops were out in a thick blanket at the “St. John the Baptist” churchyard, Edlingham and the view in the distance with “Edlingham Castle”, the Viaduct and “Corby Crags” was great; so I thought I’d try to capture a bit of it.

Beginning sketch I did while sitting on the wall of the churchyard.

Beginning sketch I did while sitting on the wall of the churchyard.

I took this picture with my cell phone as I sat on the cold stone wall of the churchyard, cold enough I was drawing with fingerless mittens on!

This is how far I got working outside.

This is how far I got working outside.

Above shows how far I got working on it outside sitting on the churchwall. I got most of the important things drawn in the right place and color for a lot of it. I was very stiff and cold so had to stop!

This shows a bit more color laid on

This shows a bit more color laid on

This shows a bit more color layers put on, more on the trees and background detailed a bit. You can’t see it but I also put some color on the castle.

Finished! In all it's vividness and rich greens!

Finished! In all it’s vividness and rich greens! That’s Edlingham Castle and the Viaduct in the background.

This little painting really tidied up nicely! The fence ended up being a bit different than I planned but I think it’s ok. I wanted to leave the whites to show the snowdrops; I mostly showed them by using the greens around them. When I was done I used a white gel type pen and touched here and there helped really pull the flowers out more. I’m also experimenting with using Doc Martin’s Bleed Proof White, a non permanent white ink, to add touches of white (tree trunks).

I hope your Spring is shaping up nicely where-ever you may be! Happy Spring!

7 comments to Snowdrops in the Churchyard

  • C-Marie

    Greetings of a beautiful Easter Spring day, Mary ! Thank you so much for sharing your work. I am so glad to be able to see the England countryside!! God bless, C-Marie

  • LOVE seeing your progression on this one. It is a keeper!

  • Thank you C-Marie! This spring has been pretty sunny but also a bit too dry, our front garden is so dry right now. But the daffodils of the village came up in great number and looked superb! I’ve done some small little pen and ink studies I’ll share soon.

  • Thanks Aimeslee, I love seeing a good step by step by artists, you can learn so much! I wish I had more stages for this one for you to see, but it’s hard to remember to stop and scan as I go. I really liked the way the wall and the trees came out in the end, just love that green! Have you ever tried to use the Doc Martin White Ink? I’m just trying it and getting used to it.

  • Snowdrops in the churchyard? yes I know the scene so well. It is a place I visit often. You have captured not only the beauty of this wonderful place but also your passion for it. Truly magnificent.

  • Hi Len, thanks so much for your comment, I just saw it now. I find endless views just going for my morning walk in our area! I had a look at your website too and find your photos very good, love your sweet dog! You captured her like she was a fashion model with her hair blowing in the wind! Love your landscapes too. It’d be fun to talk about our websites sometime, hope I can meet you one of these days when Gary spots you at the church. (ps. he wanted to leave a comment on your blog but didn’t like leaving his email, he thought it might be public?)

  • Len Smith

    Hi Mary many thanks for that yes would be nice to have a chat sometime tell Gary no problem about leaving a comment like you I really should say mail will not be published will have to include that I think glad you like the website. I am often at the castle so me will not meet

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